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    Philthy Rich - “Fake Love” (Album Stream)

    “Fake Love” is the fifty second studio album by Seminary street and rap veteran Philthy Rich. It was released on Dec 7, 2018, by Funk Or Die Entertainment. Production of the album was handled by various record producers, including Traxamillion, Jay P Bangz, L-Finguz, Stuntman Beatz and more. Philthy Rich also worked with artists such a G Perico, ALLBLACK, Drego, Beno, 03 Greedo, Mozzy, Peezy, Icewear Vezzo, Joe Blow, Yhung T.O., Guapdad 4000, Sada Baby, RJ, Shoreline Mafia, Bandgang Lonnie Bands & Stunna Girl.


    Intro M.A.C.
    Philthy Rich - “Fake Love” (Produced by Traxamillion)
    Philthy Rich featuring G Perico - “What You Say”
    Philthy Rich featuring ALLBLACK - “Black Excellence”
    Philthy Rich featuring Drego & Beno - “Tracy McGrady”
    Interlude M.A.C. 1
    Philthy Rich - “No Cap”
    Philthy Rich featuring 03 Greedo - “Not the Type”
    Philthy Rich featuring Mozzy - “HBIC”
    Philthy Rich featuring Peezy & Icewear Vezzo - “Break Bread”
    Interlude M.A.C. 2
    Philthy Rich - “Bill Cosby”
    Philthy Rich featuring Joe Blow - “Die Rich” (Produced by Jay P Bangz)
    Philthy Rich featuring Yhung T.O. & Guapdad 4000 - “Not Regular” (Produced by L-Finguz)
    Philthy Rich featuring Sada Baby - “Robin Hood”
    Interlude M.A.C. 3
    Philthy Rich - “Love & Hip Hop”
    Philthy Rich featuring RJ - “Gangsta Report”
    Philthy Rich featuring Shoreline Mafia - “Stick Up”
    Philthy Rich featuring Bandgang Lonnie Bands - “Free Big Meech”
    Philthy Rich - “Bentley Truck”
    Philthy Rich featuring Stunna Girl - “2018 Break Ya Pumps” (Produced by Stuntman Beatz)

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