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    Mobb Report Radio is a bay area rap radio station dedicated to playing the best rap music the bay has to offer and connecting fans with the dopest undiscovered artists.  Mobb Report Radiois about the advancement and evolution of bay area rap/hip hop culture, and was created as an alternative to commercial radio. We keep it 100% bay. 24 hours a day.

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      Mobb Report Radio'S Exclusive New Interview With Sleepy D (@THEREALSLEEPYD) (November 27, 2015) - See more at:
      Mobb Report Radio'S Exclusive New Interview With Sleepy D (@THEREALSLEEPYD) (November 27, 2015) - See more at:
      Mobb Report Radio'S Exclusive New Interview With Sleepy D (@THEREALSLEEPYD) (November 27, 2015) - See more at:
      Mobb Report Radio'S Exclusive New Interview With Sleepy D (@THEREALSLEEPYD) (November 27, 2015) - See more at:



      Live Events and Shows




      Mozzy featuring Trapboy Freddy - “Dope Spot”

      Artist: Mozzy 
      Featuring Trapboy Freddy 
      Song: “Dope Spot”
      Producer: JuneOnnaBeat
      Album: Fake Famous
      Label: Mozzy Records

      New Video: Teekaydaa - “Menace to Society” (Produced by BJM)

      Artist: Teekaydaa
      Song: “Menace to Society”
      Producer: BJM 
      Label: Young Rack Heads
      Director: Mal B (for Urban Konnection)

      Yukmouth (@THAREALYUKMOUTH) - “Ill” (Official Music Video)


      Artist: Yukmouth 
      Song: “Ill”
      Producers: The Mekanix
      Album: JJ Based On A Vill Story
      Labels: Smoke-A-Lot Records/EMPIRE
      Directors: Rush Wun and Yukmouth



      Lil’ Blood featuring Lil’ Goofy - “No Chicken Shit” (Produced by Grizzie Beatz)

      Artists: Lil’ Blood and Lil Goofy 
      Song: “No Chicken Shit”
      Producer: Grizzie Beatz
      Album: Rach Mode
      Labels: 3rd World/Livewire


      Mozzy featuring @IAMSU - “My Eyes” (Official Music Video)

      Artist: Mozzy 
      Featuring Iamsu!
      Song: “My Eyes”
      Album: Fake Famous
      Label: Mozzy Records 
      Directed by The Brooks Brothers

      Freud (@playboyfreud) featuring 3asy (of Flight Klubb) - “No Feelings”

      Artist: Freud
      Featuring 3asy (of Flight Klubb)
      Song: “No Feelings” 
      Producer: Jay P. Bangz
      Label: Rich Mobbin

      Listen to Freud's new street banger, “No Feelings” featuring 3asy of Flight Klubb and produced by Jay P. Bangz.


      D-Lo (@MRNOHOE) featuring J-Diggs (@jdiggsthizz) - “Ain’t Fucken With You”

      Artist: D-Lo 
      Featuring J-Diggs 
      Song: “Ain’t Fucken With You” 
      Album: We Outside
      Label: Black Market Records 

      Seasoned top dog D-Lo has just released his brand new CD, "We Outside" on iTunes, Amazon, and Rap Bay’s shopping page. The project includes the street anthems "Murda Gang" featuring Lil’ Blood, Sleepy D., and Mozzy along with "Switch It Up" featuring Iamsu! Of HBK Gang and June. As well as assists from J-Diggs, Show Banga, JT The 4th, D-Rek, P-Money, Mayne Mannish and Husalah.


      Stevie Joe featuring Lex Aura - “Body” (Produced by @THEMEKANIX)

      Artist: Stevie Joe 
      Featuring Lex Aura 
      Song: “Body” 
      Producers: The Mekanix
      Album: Convertible Dreams
      Label: Green Carpet/Livewire


      Pooh Hefner featuring J. Stalin, J-Diggs and Beeda Weeda - “Head First” (Produced by JuneOnnaBeat)

      Artist: Pooh Hefner 
      Featuring J. Stalin, J-Diggs and Beeda Weeda 
      Song: “Head First” 
      Producer: JuneOnnaBeat
      Album: Down To The Wire (The P Edition)
      Label: Livewire


      Video: Up-and-coming Sacramento Rapper Quickly Becoming City's Hip-hop King (ABC 10 News)

      Sacramento may be the capitol of one of the largest states in the country, but it’s far from being the hub of California’s hip-hop scene.

      Over the years, rappers like Brotha Lynch Hung and C-Bo have briefly put the city on the map, but Oak Park native Timothy Patterson, better known by his stage name, Mozzy, is quickly becoming Sac’s rap king.

      To better understand what life is like for an up-and-coming rapper in a time when a tweet or YouTube video can spark street violence, ABC10 embedded with Mozzy and his crew for a few days as they made their way from Los Angeles to play a show in Humboldt County.

      Saying Mozzy’s had a good run the past couple years would be an understatement. Since 2015, he’s put out 17 albums and collaborations, and has drawn the attention of critics from Rolling Stone and Complex Magazine, who’ve hailed him as a “shooting star.”

      But is he the best rapper to come out of Sacramento?

      “Period,” Mozzy says, sitting on stoop the steps of an abandoned warehouse in West Oakland. “Nobody out of my jurisdiction's doper than me. Ain't nobody out of Sacramento doper than me. This ain't nothing new, like, I been the dopest [expletive] in my region.”

      Judging by his swift rise to stardom, it’s entirely possible Mozzy’s reign extends far beyond northern California, but up until recently, run-ins with the law, and a stint in state prison, kept him from leaving the Golden State.

      In March 2014, as part of an ongoing feud between the Oak Park Bloods and the STARZ gang, 

      Mozzy posted a music video called "I'm Just Being Honest," which called out a rapper allegedly affiliated with the STARZ. According to court documents, that video ultimately led to a number of shootings between the two gangs in the weeks to follow. On March 21, Mozzy was picked up by 

      Sacramento Police and found in possession of a .40-caliber handgun.

      At the time of his arrest, Mozzy was already on probation for a prior weapons conviction he received in 2008. He’d ultimately plead guilty to gun possession and was sentenced to two years in San Quentin.

      That’s when the letters started coming in.

      “I was getting letters and they was telling me I was poppin’,” Mozzy said. “They was tellin' me my videos was doing tickets, easily. They tellin' me that the checks, the CD baby checks, is rolling in. I got they attention, you know what I'm saying? So when I get out this time I'm fiendin' to blitz the market, I'm fiendin' to blitz the market. Chow time. Feel me? Soon as they cracked the gates it was nothing but bite-down.”

      Simply put, now that Mozzy was out of jail, he wasn't going to let anything get in his way of making a name for himself.

      Despite what you think about his music, and its often raw, unapologetic depiction of gang life, there’s no denying Mozzy's work ethic. If he’s not in the studio, he’s shooting a music video, and if he’s not doing that, he’s playing a show or promoting his brand, which explains why he’s been able to amass the amount of work he’s recorded over the past couple years.

      While his prolificacy is impressive, we were curious as to how a city like Sacramento was able to inspire the violence Mozzy raps about. When Chicago rapper Chief Keef says “I’m from Chiraq where they be killing y’all,” it makes sense -- 746 people were murdered in Chicago in 2016. But when Mozzy raps “Gangland landscape it’s murder where I live,” we wanted to find out if a city like Sacramento, particularly Mozzy’s native Oak Park, has a underreported gang problem.

      Jim Hernandez, a professor and gang expert at Sacramento State, points to the construction of Highway 50 and 99 as one of the sources that transformed Oak Park from a once thriving neighborhood into a hotbed of gang activity.

      “It was traditional community, long-term community,” Hernandez said. “But then they started building Highway 99, it became a freeway, so basically what you had done was cut-off Oak Park from the rest of the city. It just became kind of a separate world.”

      Hernandez said there are many reasons why such environments produce gangs, and it all comes back to an embedded culture of survival.

      “(The gang’s) all you got,” Hernandez said. “You don't have a car to get downtown, all you got are your friends, and your friends basically have that street corner, or that section of the park. And, if you lose that, maybe the alternative would be out in the cold. You don't have anything else.”

      For people like Mozzy, who was able to survive the streets, and ultimately avoid long-term incarceration, Hernandez said the 28-year-old rapper has a long road ahead of him if he’s serious about staying out of trouble and focusing on his craft.

      “You grow up in a particular environment that requires a particular response,” Hernandez said. “If you grow up on the streets, the response is physical. So, in a sense, you have to change, your reactions have to change.”

      Following Mozzy’s stint in San Quentin, he moved to Los Angeles to further his music career, and distance himself from what he calls “Sacramento politics,” meaning gang relations and beefs. Sacramento, he said, just didn’t offer him the opportunities to grow as an artist.

      “(Sacramento artists) got the [expletive]-end of the stick,” Mozzy said. “We the capitol, but it don't feel like it, as far as musically, when you speak on the music scene, like, we overshadowed. They overlook us.”

      Now that Mozzy's probation's has run its course, he's finally free to leave the state and perform, but his first gig in 2017 wasn't New York or Chicago, it was Redway, California, a small town in Humboldt County barely registering 1,200 residents. But venue sizes mean nothing to him. It’s all about his fans, whether 10 show up or 10,000.

      “Without them it wouldn't be Mozzy, so, I'm going to make sure, man, I'm going to leave an impression on each and every last one of them,” Mozzy said. “I'm going to let them know, you understand me, I'm going to let them touch me. I'm going to let them feel me, I'm going to let them vibe out with me, you understand me? The fans is not a big factor, it's the main factor, straight up.

      “There's people who don't understand this lifestyle, and there's other rappers who talk about this [expletive], but they do it in a glorifying manner,” Mozzy said. “I'm going to bust it down for you and let you know the consequences. I'm going to let you know I cry, I ball up and cry in the corner.”

      Those emotions are evident in Mozzy’s lyrics, which is just one of the reasons his music gained so much attention.

      “We just going to stay consistent, we going to stay out of trouble, we going to tour, we going to get on these roads,” Mozzy continued. “We’re going to beat up these streets. We going to pull up in your city, we going to pull up in your residence, in your trenches, in your neighborhoods. Bounce out, shoot videos with you, you know what I'm saying? Let you know a [expletive] touchable. I'm just going to touch my people, that's it. Two-thousand seventeen. I'm just going to bleed and touch my people. That's it.”


      Rick Ross featuring Nipsey Hussle, Slim Thug, Fat Joe, and E-40 - "Buy Back The Block (Refinance)"

      Artist: Rick Ross 
      Featuring Nipsey Hussle, Slim Thug, Fat Joe, and E-40 
      Song: "Buy Back The Block (Refinance)"
      Album: Rather You Than Me
      Label: Maybach Music Group/Def Jam Recordings/Slip-n-Slide Records


      Video: Mozzy Breaks Down Prison Mentality, Life in Sacramento and Freestyles Live

      Executive producer for MTV News and co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Wake Up Show Sway Calloway interviews Sacramento representer, Mozzy about his music, selling dope and being sent away to prison, and eventually changing his life around.

      @REALRICHROCKA and @Cousinfik - “Get Out” (Produced by @mobbaffiliates)

      Artists: Rich Rocka & Cousin Fik 
      Song: “Get Out”
      Producers: The Mobb Affiliates
      EP: Bay Area 51
      Label: Black Card Music Group


      @Bossman_Lbrmg - "Thugs" (Produced by IAMSEANPAIN)

      Artist: Bossman
      Song: "Thugs"
      Producer: IAMSEANPAIN
      Label: LBRMG

      Listen to Bossman’s new single, "Thugs" produced by IAMSEANPAIN.


      New Video: P-Lo (@HBKPLO) - “Template” (Produced by @IAMSU)

      Artist: P-Lo 
      Song: “Template” 
      Producer: IAMSU!
      Label: HBK Gang
      Director: Adrian Per

      New Video: Mistah F.A.B. featuring Nef The Pharaoh,Ezale, Iamsu!, Keak da Sneak, G-Eazy, and Snoop Dogg - "Still Feelin' It (Remix)"

      Artist: Mistah F.A.B.
      Featuring Nef The Pharaoh,Ezale, Iamsu!, Keak da Sneak, G-Eazy, and Snoop Dogg
      Song: "Still Feelin' It (Remix)"
      Producer: Sean T
      Album: Son of a Pimp, Pt. 2
      Label: Faeva Afta/EMPIREDirector: Louie Valentino

      Philthy Rich featuring Scotty Cain - "Run Up The Racks" (Official Music Video)

      Artist: Philthy Rich 
      Featuring Scotty Cain
      Song: "Run Up The Racks"
      Compact Disc: Seminary
      Label: SCMMLLC


      New Video: @theJacka featuring A-One (@allndadoeA1) - “What Are We”

      Artist: The Jacka 
      Featuring A-One
      Song: “What Are We”
      Producer: Cheeze on da Slap
      Album: What Happened to the World
      Label: The Artist Records

      Buy The Jacka’s 2015 magum opus album, “What Happened to the World” on iTunes:


      @E40 featuring @RICCOBARRINO - "Somebody" (Official Music Video)

      Artist: E-40 
      Featuring Ricco Barrino
      Song: "Somebody"
      Album: D-Boy Diary 1 & 2
      Label: Heavy On The Grind Ent.

      Buy E-40’s new album, “D-Boy Diary” on iTunes:

      New Videos: Philthy Rich - “S63” and “Another One”

      Philthy Rich drops two new videos for his album 'Seminary.'
      The ‘Seminary Money Man’ returns with two bangers “S63” and “Another One” off his brand new CD, "Seminary.”
      Get the album, "Seminary" on iTunes:…