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    Mobb Report Radio is a bay area rap radio station dedicated to playing the best rap music the bay has to offer and connecting fans with the dopest undiscovered artists.  Mobb Report Radiois about the advancement and evolution of bay area rap/hip hop culture, and was created as an alternative to commercial radio. We keep it 100% bay. 24 hours a day.

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    Mobb Report Radio'S Exclusive New Interview With Sleepy D (@THEREALSLEEPYD) (November 27, 2015) - See more at:
    Mobb Report Radio'S Exclusive New Interview With Sleepy D (@THEREALSLEEPYD) (November 27, 2015) - See more at:
    Mobb Report Radio'S Exclusive New Interview With Sleepy D (@THEREALSLEEPYD) (November 27, 2015) - See more at:
    Mobb Report Radio'S Exclusive New Interview With Sleepy D (@THEREALSLEEPYD) (November 27, 2015) - See more at:


    D-Lo opens up about his short stint in prison, going back into the studio to work on a new album, his brother Sleepy D, how he got the name D-Lo, artists who inspired him to start making music, his sleeper hit, “No Hoe,” and his upcoming nationwide tour.

    D-Lo’s new single, “Day 1” is out now and available to download on iTunes/Apple Music:

    Follow D-Lo on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram!


    Live Events and Shows




    New Mixtape: @GreenChasers Presents: Pill Music 9

    Stream Green Chasers's new mixtape, “Pill Music 9.” It's a 22-track compilation that includes brand new songs from Nef The Pharaoh, Kamaiyah, ScHoolboy Q, Larry June, Snoop Dogg, E-40 & more.


    1. Kamaiyah featuring ScHoolboy Q - “Addicted To Ballin'”
    2. Benny & DJ Gutta Butta featuring Robbioso, Young Da & MA Da Pilot - “Pop Out”
    3. C-Bo featuring E-40 - “Birds In The Kitchen”
    4. PSD - “Comin’ Thru”
    5. Iceeapher featuring SOB x RBE (Lul G.) - “Easy Kill” (Produced by Paupa)
    6. Larry June - “Expensive Lemonade”
    7. Laz Tha Boy featuring Fed-X and The Jacka - “Fame & Fortune”
    8. Eat Greedy featuring Ike Dola and Freud - “Half (Home Grown Remix)”
    9. CML - “Huh”
    10. Larry June featuring Curren$y - “On My Way”
    11. DJ Gutta Butta featuring Nef The Pharaoh, SOB x RBE (Sneakk), Sleepy D & OMB Peezy - “Out The Hood”
    12. Mozzy - “Pure In The Pack”
    13. Trip Da Ruler - “Relax (Remix)”
    14. Eat Greedy & Team Heem featuring Mikey Lerant and Hyph Lyfe - “Ride On ‘Em”
    15. Freud featuring Taydabug - “Run My City”
    16. Ghostface Killah ft. Snoop Dogg, E-40 & LA The Darkman – “Saigon Velour” (Prod. Big Ghost)
    17. Kamaiyah featuring Yhung T.O. - “Seasons”
    18. Shady Nate featuring 3HMB - “Still”
    19. The Cowboys featuring AP-9 and Cellski - “I Used To”
    20. Kamaiyah - “The Wave”
    21. YG featuring Mozzy - “Too Brazy”
    22. Taydabug - “Trappin’”

    Traffikingz featuring San Quinn - “Griselda”

    Artist/Group: Traffikingz
    Featuring: San Quinn
    Song: “Griselda” 
    Writer: San Quinn
    Producers: TraffiKingz 
    Disc: TBA
    Label: ℗ Traffikingz Trackworkz


    Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner - “Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner Present: #N.O.B.F.E., Vol. 4” (Album Stream)

    On June 29th, Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner released their forth joint album , “Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner Present: #N.O.B.F.E., Vol. 4” on iTunes. Mostly produced by Hitman Beatz, #N.O.B.F.E., Vol. 4 features guest appearances from Yella Beezy, Lil’ Ronny MothaF, Sosamann, Preddy Boy P, Dolla Dame, Trap Boy Freddy, Youngin Stay Paid, D.O.T., Hyph, Nef The Pharoah, Beta Bossalini, Yella Beezy and City Shawn. Buy “Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner Present: #N.O.B.F.E., Vol. 4” on iTunes/Apple Music: 


    Preddy Boy P - “L.O.P.” 
    Pooh Hefner - "I Swear"
    Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner featuring Yella Beezy and Lil’ Ronny MothaF - “Players Get Chose” 
    Pooh Hefner - “That's a Lie” 
    Philthy Rich - “Lonely at the Top” (Produced by L-Finguz) 
    Preddy Boy P featuring Pooh Hefner & Youngin Stay Paid - “Credentials” 
    Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner featuring Youngin Stay Paid & Sauce Walka - “Boy Friend” 
    Pooh Hefner featuring Dolla Dame, Preddy Boy P and Hitman Beatz - “Having It” (Produced by Hitman Beatz) 
    Preddy Boy P - “Check Us” (Produced by Hitman Beatz) 
    Preddy Boy P - “Fuck My Whip” 
    Pooh Hefner & Preddy Boy P - “How I’m Living” 
    Pooh Hefner - “Get a Bag” (Produced by Hitman Beatz) 
    Preddy Boy P - “Off the Grind” (Produced by Hitman Beatz) 
    Youngin Stay Paid featuring Pooh Hefner & Hyph - “Fired Up” 
    Youngin Stay Paid - “Set Down” 
    Youngin Stay Paid - “New Shit” 
    Philthy Rich featuring Preddy Boy P & Nef The Pharoah - “Daily” (Produced by L-Finguz) 
    Preddy Boy P featuring Youngin Stay Paid, Dolla Dame & Beta Bossalini - “Luxury Life” 
    Philthy Rich featuring Yella Beezy - “Flava” 
    Preddy Boy P - “Something New”

    Video Mixtape: Bay Slaps 7 (featuring all new music from Messy Marv, San Quinn and Keak da Sneak)

    Listen to this week’s hottest Bay slaps and be on the look out for next week’s video mixtape. 


    Intro (0:00 - 3:00
    Chippass - “Speakin’ The Truth” (Produced by L-Finguz) 
    J-Diggs featuring San Quinn and Keak da Sneak - “Get You Back” (Produced by L-Finguz) 
    AOne - “Nicole” (Produced by CheezeOnDaSlap) 
    ArmaniDepaul featuring Slimmy B of SOB & RBE & Lil’ Slugg – “Liu Kang” (Prod. Yodan) 
    Lontay - “Taste (Remix)” 
    Messy Marv & San Quinn featuring Berner - “Valet” (Produced by Insain) 
    Mini 14 Tha Kid & 3HMB - “M.O.B.” (Official Music Video)
    Black Jack featuring The Notorious B.I.G. and The Snakes (Junior M.A.F.I.A.) - “Young G's Perspective” 
    Mac Dre - “Bleezies & Heem (Remix)” 
    Goldie Gold featuring Rick Rock - “Look Here, Bitch” 
    Messy Marv featuring Goldie Gold of the Federation - “Monsterish” 
    Chippass - “Chippass” (Produced by L-Finguz) 
    Lee Majors featuring Husalah, B.A., Pretty Black, and Kobra Abysmal - Ridin' Sidin' [Remix] (Prod. Lee Majors)

    Mixtape Title: Bay Slaps 7 
    Artists: Berner, Chippass, Slimmy B of SOB & RBE, Lil’ Slugg, J-Diggs, San Quinn, Keak da Sneak, AOne, Messy Marv, Goldie Gold, Rick Rock, The Notorious B.I.G. and The Snakes (Junior M.A.F.I.A., Lee Majors, Husalah, B.A., Pretty Black, Kobra Abysmal, Mini 14 Tha Kid & 3HMB 


    Illa Sevearr featuring Messy Marv and Goldie Gold of the Federation - “Monsterish”

    Artist: Illa Sevearr 
    Featuring: Messy Marv and Goldie Gold of the Federation 
    Song: “Monsterish” 
    Producer: N/A 
    Disc: De Luca of The Shock Mob Presents: Waste Management 
    Label: Endless Hustle Entertainment


    J-Diggs (@jdiggsthizz) featuring @SanQuinn and @KeakDaSneak - “Get You Back”

    Artist: J-Diggs 
    Featuring: San Quinn and Keak da Sneak 
    Song: “Get You Back” 
    Writers: J-Diggs, San Quinn and Keak da Sneak 
    Producer: L-Finguz 
    Disc: 90 Day House Arrest 
    Label: Rompt Out

    Hussein Fatal featuring @THAREALYUKMOUTH - “Raise Up”

    Artist: Hussein Fatal 
    Featuring: Yukmouth 
    Song: “Raise Up” 
    Writers: Hussein Fatal and Yukmouth 
    Producer: N/A 
    Disc: Legendary Status 
    Label: Hussein Entertainment


    Father Nature featuring @DaRealSleepdank - “Hottest In The Town” (Produced by @FroMasta)

    Artist: Father Nature
    Featuring: Sleepdank
    Song: “Hottest In The Town”
    Writers: Father Nature and Sleepdank
    Producer: Fro Masta
    Disc: TBA
    Label: Productz Of Nature

    Boskoe 100 Goes In On Fillmoe Legend Messy Marv and Messy Marv Responds

    Boskoe 100 goes in on Fillmoe legend Messy Marv on Instagram and of course Messy Marv responds.


    Messy Marv & San Quinn - "1 Bottle" (Produced by @Insain415)

    Messy Marv & San Quinn’s “Explosive Mode 4: Explosive As Usual” is now available to stream or download on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon or Spotify. 


    1 Bottle (Produced by Insain) 
    Attitude (Produced by Insain) 
    Bowtie (Produced by Insain) 
    Brother (Produced by Insain) 
    Eat ‘N Piss (Produced by Insain) 
    Fillmoe Niggaz (Produced by Insain) 
    G'z (Produced by Insain) 
    Mehecan (Produced by Insain) 
    Pimp 4 Life (Produced by Insain) 
    Scantified (Produced by Insain) 
    Shine (Produced by Insain) 
    Shoutout 2 Oakland (Produced by Insain) 
    That Mission (Produced by Insain) 
    Valet (Produced by Insain) 
    Fillmoe Niggaz (feat. Tez Banga) (Remix) (Produced by Insain) 
    That Mission (feat. Tez Banga) (Remix) (Produced by Insain)

    *Spotify link:
    *iTunes purchase link:

    @itsTOPE featuring Blu (@HerFavColor) and Abstract Rude (@abstractrude) - “Faithful”

    Oakland via Portland rapper & producer TOPE makes his return with the highly anticipated single "Faithful" featuring Hip Hop legends Blu and Abstract Rude. Produced by TOPE, "Faithful" finds all three MC's defining their own meaning of the word and bringing their own unique style to each verse. With a soulful and gospel feel Blu, TOPE, and Ab Rude deliver a vintage and classic sound that has been missing from Hip Hop as of recent. Tearing things up behinds the boards, TOPE has recently produced for Gift Of Gab of Blackalicious, Skyzoo, and many more making 2018 his most productive year thus far as producer. Now stepping to the mic TOPE calls on two of the greatest to ever do it to define the word "Faithful."

    Press play and enjoys the sounds of these three West Coast MCs and be sure to share "Faithful" on your social media account! Also be on the lookout for more new music dropping from TOPE soon!

    Amazon Music:

    Artwork by Chandler Price 
    Mixed by Jordan Garrett 
    Produced and Recorded by TOPE

    Mixtape: Mac Dre - “The Mac Book” (Part 5)

    “The Mack Book” is the latest mixtape from Bay Area legend and former Thizz Entertainment CEO Mac Dre. The album contains several new recordings as well as unreleased remixes.


    Bullet featuring Mac Dre and Shaolin - "3000"
    First Degree The D.E. featuring Mac Dre, M-Sane and Life - “Game For Free”
    Ghetto Starz featuring Mac Dre - “Stewee”
    Skiem featuring Mac Dre - “Good Game”
    Mac Dre featuring Dubee - “Hands Made 4 Holdin Grands”
    Mac Dre - “Hit Hard”
    Mac Dre featuring Nate Dogg, Lil’ Bigg and 2wice - “Let's Get It Crackin'”
    Mac Dre - "Give It Up"
    Mac Duna featuring Mac Dre - “Mac Sinatra in Vegas”
    Mac Dre featuring Mac Mall - “Mac Who”
    Mac Dre featuring Hittaz On Tha Payroll - “Payroll & Thizz”
    Mac Dre featuring E-Money & Lace - “Scrillacon Valley”
    Mac Dre - “This is My Year”
    MAJR D featuring Mac Dre - “Uhh yeaugh”
    Mac Dre & The Mob Figaz - “Wild Nyte”




    @3HMB - “Somebodes & Nobodies” (Official Music Video)

    Artist: 3HMB 
    Song: “Somebodes & Nobodies” 
    Producer: 3HMB 
    Disc: Last of a Dying Breed 
    Label: Dynasty Muzik Group 
    Video production team: Good Shot Films 

    Arranger, performer, and label head 3HMB dropped his new album Last of a Dying Breed on his new label imprint The Dynasty Muzik Group. The album is hughley produced by 3HMB with additional production from PrizeBeatz, Ronald Mack, and Bossman as well as guest appearances by Lee Majors, Ronald Mack ("Big Shot"), Kurt Diggler ("Big Shot"), Cousin Fik ("No Love"), Young Ziggy, Dolla Will ("No Love"), Bossman, LB Stay Keyed, Interstate Steve, Smigg Dirtee ("U Kno Me"), Maccassi Kilo ("Shootaz On Deck"), Ghost Raw ("Shootaz On Deck"), Nittee, Kalicosays, Itz60, Fresh ("Blue Money"), Leir City ("Blue Money"), Bar The Star, Habitt, Don Kona ("Stress Killa"), Owl Face Mafia ("Shootaz On Deck"), and King Yung.

    iTunes purchase link:

    Mixtape Stream: The @MOBBAFFILIATES - “Mobb Affiliates, Vol. 1” (Stream/Download)

    “Mobb Affiliates, Vol. 1” is the debut mixtape by Bay Area based production duo the Mobb Affiliates (3HMB and Bossman). It was released July 16, 2018 on My The mixtape features Banga, Ronald Mack, 3HMB, Hus Hermes, Keak Da Sneak, Interstate Steve, Shady Nate, Beeda Bang and more. 


    Banga - “Big Bang Theory” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Ronald Mack and 3HMB - “Shoot First” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Hus Hermes featuring Keak Da Sneak - “Say Nothing” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Interstate Steve featuring 3HMB - “Lay ‘Em Down” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Gotti - “In The Ghetto” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Ronald Mack featuring Mike Larry - “Fuck Wit’ Me” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Shady Nate featuring 3HMB - “Still” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Bossman featuring Fatty Millz - “Fake” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Bossman featuring Young Eez, Vell Ballin and KC Dollaz - “Trouble” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Banga - “Keep It 1,000” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    Beeda Bang - “I Ain’t No Punk” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates) 
    KR Moracks - “From The Ghetto” (Produced by The Mobb Affiliates)

    Free download:

    Follow The Mobb Affiliates online! 
    Official Website: 
    Official Youtube Channel:

    Nef The Pharaoh & 03 Greedo - “Porter 2 Grape” (EP Stream)

    Watts hard hitter 03 Greedo and Vallejo emcee Nef The Pharaoh team up for a joint EP, “Porter 2 Grape” the follow-up to Greedo’s “God Level” project. The five-song extended play record consists of guest appearances from ALLBLACK and Chris O’Bannon.


    1. Pluto
    2. Ball Out (featuring ALLBLACK)
    3. Choosy (featuring Chris O’Bannon & ALLBLACK)
    4. Blow-up Bed
    5. Feeling You

    Buy Nef The Pharaoh & 03 Greedo’s new joint album, “Porter 2 Grape” on iTunes:


    @CurrenSy_Spitta featuring @LarryJuneTFM - “Pay Scale”

    Artist: Curren$y 
    Featuring: Larry June 
    Song: “Pay Scale” 
    Album: TBA 
    Label: Jet Life Recordings 

    Buy Curren$y’s latest single, “Pay Scale” featuring fellow game spitter Larry June on iTunes: 

    Follow Curren$y online! 
    Official Website: 

    Messy Marv & San Quinn featuring Berner - “Valet”

    Artist/Group: Messy Marv & San Quinn 
    Featuring: Berner 
    Song: “Valet” 
    Writers: Messy Marv, San Quinn & Berner 
    Producer: Insain 
    Disc: Explosive Mode 4: Explosive as Usual
    Label: On The Go LLC.

    Philthy Rich (@philthyrichFOD) - “Fake Love” (Produced by @Traxamillion)

    Artist: Philthy Rich
    Song: “Fake Love” 
    Writers: Philthy Rich and Traxamillion
    Producer: Traxamillion
    Disc: TBA
    Label: F.O.D. Entertainment 

    iTunes purchase link:

    Follow Philthy Rich online!
    Official Website:
    Official Youtube Channel:

    Follow Traxamillion online!


    San Quinn featuring Bailey - “My Brother” (Official Music Video)

    Artist: San Quinn
    Featuring: Bailey 
    Song: “My Brother” 
    Writers: San Quinn and Bailey 
    Producer: N/A
    Disc: Double Dose of Gangsta
    Label: Digital Music Universe
    Video Director: Cassius King

    Buy “Double Dose of Gangsta” on Amazon:

    @LarryJuneTFM featuring @MAXOKREAM - “Papers Served” (Produced by @ImSledgren)

    Artist: Larry June 
    Featuring: Maxo Kream 
    Song: "Papers Served" 
    Producer: Sledgren 
    Label: The Freeminded

    Larry June's latest project, "Sock It to Me, Pt. 2" is out now and available for download on iTunes: