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    Oakland's mega star of the Luniz - Yukmouth - is back with his brand new solo project called "JJ Based On A Vill Story". It has just arrived to iTunes and Amazon, but you can also order a hard copy on Expect to hear 17 tracks with guest appearances by C-Bo, G-Stack, Poohman, Mitchy Slick, Ampichino, Young Noble, TQ, Big Mike, Lil' Flip and more. Follow Yukmouth on Twitter. Tracklist: (hide tracklist)

    01. Intro
    02. Based On A Vill Story
    03. A-1
    04. 1989
    05. Root Of Evil
    06. It's In My Blood 3 f. Big Mike
    07. 6AM
    08. WhoRide f. Poohman & G-Stack
    09. Future Bright f. Compton Menace, Mitchy Slick & Constantine
    10. Starter Coat Nike Cortez
    11. The Ghetto f. Young Noble, Ampichino & TQ
    12. Birdz
    13. Took A Village f. Poohman, G-Stack & 4rAx
    14. Fuck Friendz 2
    15. Trying To Survive f. Lil' Flip & C-Bo
    16. Ill
    17. Thank You Lord


    DB Tha General - Gas God 2

    Oakland rapper DB Tha General is out with his new project called "Gas God 2". You can cop its digital version on iTunes and Amazon. The album is made of 21 tracks with appearances by Con B and DJ Upgrade. Peep DB Tha General on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Tracklist: (hide tracklist)
    01. Gotta Love It
    02. Smerkish
    03. Don't Squeeze
    04. Hella Good
    05. This Ain't I.G f. Con B
    06. Sharks & Snakes
    07. Who Can I Trust
    08. Nightmares
    09. So Many Mommas Cry
    10. Respect Us
    11. My I.L.L.A
    12. Out of Time f. DJ Upgrade
    13. Brenda Got a Baby
    14. 300
    15. Bay 2 L.A.
    16. Blood on My Shoes
    17. A Dutch
    18. Return of the Gods
    19. Bill Haney
    20. I Love You Quise
    21. Young Og 3 Coming



    Richmond rapper Jay Jonah of Mob CIN is out with a brand new solo album called "Kill A King". The project includes 14 songs with guest appearances by C-Bo, Collie T and Southside Su. You can cop it on RapBay and Amazon. Follow Jay Jonah on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Tracklist: (hide tracklist)
    01. Peer Pressure
    02. 3rd Moon Lifts f. Coolie T
    03. Raw f. Southside Su
    04. Kill a King f. Coolie T & C-Bo
    05. Bitty
    06. Do You Love Me?
    07. Richmond Anthem
    08. She Not for You
    09. Tears of a Clown
    10. I Need You
    11. Funny
    12. Ascension
    13. Blue Flames f. Southside Su
    14. Whispers of Shaitan


     Big Rhino - Best Of The Features

    Homeboy rapper outta San Jose by the name of Big Rhino has recently brought his fans a "Best Of The Features" project that includes 14 songs taken from previously released albums. You'll get tracks from compilations hosted by Mr. 21, Darkroom Familia, Salineros, Big Tone and solo projects by Big Oso Loc, C-Locs, Yantz and others. Except for Rhino on every song you'll hear Big Oso Loc, C-Locs, Yantz, Mr. G, Mr. 21, Lil Coner, Keek Dogg, Tokztero and more. Purchase your physical copy directly from the artist through his PayPal ( for $12, shipping included. Stay also tuned for the official new solo project from Big Rhino called "Set In My Ways" dropping on May 5th. Follow Big Rhino on Facebook and Instagram. Tracklist: (hide tracklist)
    01. Where Im From f. Big Oso Loc
    02. Out To Kill f. Oso208
    03. Misunderstood f. Big Oso Loc & Droopy
    04. Nor-Cal Gangstaz f. Young Capone, C-Locs, Mr. 21 & Mike D
    05. Livin The Life f. Dreamer & C-Locs
    06. City Of Sharks f. Mr. 21, Traficante, C-Locs, Carlos Rossi, Tekpot, KWest, Scrilla Mac, Gangsta Mister, Evil, Trigger & Dopey
    07. On The Late Nite Tip f. Dreamer & Young Capone
    08. Street Tattoo f. Lil Coner & Keek Dogg
    09. Heavy Hittaz f. Big Chuco & Omeezy
    10. The Red Zone f. Big Oso Loc, Big Tone & Yantz
    11. Gangstas Don't Talk f. Big Oso Loc
    12. The Ene Anthem f. Tito-G, C.I.E. & Rick 40
    13. Crime Watch f. Lil Teck, Lonely Boy, Tokztero, Yantz, Kriminal & Big Oso Loc
    14. I Ain't Stoppin f. Yantz, Snoop & Mr. G



    Oakland rapper Bavgate has recently brought his new solo piece to the table. "The Return Of The Badguy" features a nice line-up of guest appearances (E-40, Mistah F.A.B., Crooked I, Berner, D-Lo, Keak Da Sneak, Kurupt and more), however a major part of songs last around 2 minutes only. The album is available now on iTunes. Check out Bavgate on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Tracklist: (hide tracklist)
    01. No Studio
    02. City of Dope f. StudioMike
    03. Dope Fien f. E-40 & Bo Fex
    04. Pants Down f. Nook Da Crook & Mistah F.A.B.
    05. Ready 4 Whatever f. E-40
    06. She a Goer f. Young Life
    07. Got To Have It f. LB & Kurupt
    08. It's a Pimp Convention f. Mac Mill
    09. You Might Get
    10. The Bad Guy
    11. Go Banna's f. D-Lo
    12. I'm Smoking f. Berner
    13. Niggas Getting Money
    14. Roll Up f. Keak Da Sneak
    15. Pour Up
    16. Somebody
    17. Ain't Worried Bout It
    18. With Yo Looking Ass
    19. Hey Bra Bra f. Ren
    20. The New Real
    21. Thatz How I'm Goin Out f. Crooked I